Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Job

Apparently Mr. Mouse has decided he doesn't like being batted around by my cat. Apparently he doesn't like being carried in her mouth, nor tossed.

I was helping a friend with her resume tonight. I go to my stash of resume paper so I can send her home with some. I pull it out, and there lies Mr. Mouse. I think he wants a new job. What about you?

Friday, June 16, 2006

I'm Too Young to Forget

It's amazing how quickly two people can forget something they agreed to remember not 5 minutes earlier...

A friend and I started carpooling to work this week. Monday morning we're walking from our parking garage to our office when we see this big sign on the walkway above the road. It's a big questionmark with a URL listed underneath.

Being the curious people we are, we each make a mental note of the URL. What is going on? What's the big questionmark for? We were on a mission to find out!

Well, go figure, the plan didn't work. No sooner than we get inside, I'm calling her asking her what the URL was. She was emailing me asking me the same thing. Oops! We both forgot.
We eventually figured out the big mystery, but believe me... I'm too young to be this forgetful!