Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Meet the Parents

Is anyone else out there nervous when it comes to that point in a relationship when you "meet the parents"? I mean, come on! You like this person. I mean REALLY like them! You've got them fooled into thinking you're something special! Now they're getting a second opinion (in a manner of speaking). Just great! What if you don't like their parents? Or worse, what if they don't like YOU?

Well, I did just that earlier this month. I went out to Maryland with Rob to meet his family. I'm so happy I did and am so glad it went well. :) I love his family, and according to Rob, they approve of me (dare I say I get the impression they even LIKE me)! Whew! A few more people fooled... Now for the rest of the world... ;-)


At 12:39 PM, Blogger Silik said...

Don't worry, stories of you are already typed out and ready to be sent. Send 5-billion dollars in small bills to my address to keep the stories secret.


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